Choosing Your Doula

Finding the right doula for you involves more than looking for the one with the most experience, the best website, or the lowest fees. Who you have in the room with you when laboring and giving birth can have a profound effect on you, emotionally and physiologically. (see Ina May on Sphincter Law)  For birth to happen smoothly and naturally you must feel secure.


Feel Safe, Enjoy Labor

Effective natural labor is a game of trust; one where you close your eyes and let yourself fall backwards off the edge of a platform, trusting that those poised to catch you will indeed do so. When you feel safe in your environment and with the people caring for you, you feel free to fall into your labor and ride it through to the birth of your baby.

Trust your Birth Team


I urge you to be selective and discerning in choosing those who will attend you during labor and birth, beginning with your midwife or doctor. In hospital, you usually won't know the nurses and staff going in, so make the most of the choices you do have.  Shop around until  you find the right match for you.

Your doula will be:

Questions for a Doula you're thinking of hiring

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