Birth has happened to all of us, and if you are pregnant or planning to become so, it will happen again in a whole new way: with your own giving. Whether you have children already or not, each pregnancy is unique and promises a new and changed family. Welcome to the journey!

This site is designed as a resource for women and families around Frankfort and Central Kentucky. It is a tool for those interested in taking an active and empowered role in their pregnancy, birth, and parenting choices. As a DONA certified birth doula and Lamaze trained childbirth educator my goal is to help you get the information you need to make informed choices regarding your care, and gain confidence in your body, your personal knowledge, and your parenting abilities. Whether you are already dedicated to natural childbirth, are concerned about avoiding a cesarean, lessening the need for drugs during labor, or would just like to learn more about your options, I have something here to help you along your way.

Gazing down

My Philosophy

I believe that birth is a normal process and a powerful transformative passage for both mother and baby. I believe that every woman is the expert on her own body; given support, information, and time she will find she knows best how to birth her baby. I believe that informed decision making and trust of our bodies leads to empowerment in our lives and gives us confidence as parents.

Giving birth is an event that mothers remember for the rest of their lives. The way in which a mother is treated by those caring for her has a powerful effect on the quality of her memories. "When she is treated with kindness and respect, and is actively involved with decisions about her care, she is much more likely to remember birth with joy and satisfaction, no matter how hard her labor was." (Penny Simkin, P.T.) I would love to help you have as joyful and satisfying an experience as possible.